Psychological (a.k.a. emotional, narcissicistic, mental, verbal) abuse cam be unimaginably devastating  for victims and the people who love them.  Despite a surge in visibility and resources online, there seems to be abundant misinformation and misunderstanding when it comes to public perception of psychological abuse, which has resulted in victims being shamed and stigmatized.  Sadly, false or mistaken allegations of this insidious form of abuse (often from the actual perpetrators) do occur. But for the real victims of psychological abuse, trauma  Despite it’s prevalence in the media, however, it has been my experience that the majority of people (some victims included) don’t perceive destructive patterns of behavior as abuse, and thus have a difficult time understanding the devastating impact it has on the recipient (sometimes more so than even physical violence).  Depression, isolation, low self-esteem, CPTSD, chronic illness, adrenal burnout, addictions and learned helplessness are common signs/symptoms of emotional abuse. If the victim seeks support and opens up about the abuse, she may be further traumatized by people or even entire communities that reject her claims and effectively side with her abuser, which is unbelievably painful and difficult to bounce back from. It has been for me. I would do anything to spare another person this sort of pain and subsequent hopelessness. You are not alone.

This blog is part of my healing journey and is in no way intended to cause any harm. I accept the fact that a few readers may find the content objectionable, but I assure you that what I have endured is far more so. The stigma society has imposed on victims to keep them silent and maintain the status quo will only be overcome by the voices of those who have survived. I want to hear your voice: if you have one, post a link in the comments to your blog, site, page, book, profile, etc. and I will definitely support you!

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